What are fulfilment models?

This article will explain what fulfilment models are and let you know about what fulfilment models Marketcube offers.
What is fulfilment?

In E-Commerce platforms fulfilment refers to how an order is delivered or received by a customer. 

As an operator when you are setting up your Marketcube account, you will be asked to select your preferred method of fulfilment. This in essence is asking the operator to decide whether their vendors or operators will deliver products or whether the customer will pick up the product.

The following fulfilment options are available in Marketcube.

  • Dropship - The vendor ships directly to the customer. 
  • Consignment Ship - All vendors ship to Marketplace or a defined 'non' customer address (which could be the operator's address or a warehouse).
  • Consignment Pickup - The operator's vendor defines a pickup address for him/her, afterwards operator picks up the product and delivers to the customer.
  • Click and Collect- End-customer will collect the product from selected vendors' locations.
  • Click and Reserve- The customer collects the product from the vendor and pays cash upon collection.
  • Time-Based Services- End-customer will book a specific service and avail the booked service at the vendor's location.
  • Hybrid- This fulfilment model allows you to have multiple fulfilment options (a Combination of the dropship, consignment pick up, consignment ship or/and click and collect & reserve fulfilment).

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