What is Click and Reserve?

Marketcube now offers Click and Reserve as a fulfilment model. This article will explain what Click and Reserve is and how to set up Click and Reserve as a fulfilment model.

What is fulfilment?

In E-Commerce platforms fulfilment refers to how an order is delivered or received by a customer.

Marketcube currently offers dropship, consignment ship, consignment pick up and click and reserve as fulfilment models. 

For more information on fulfilment models please click here


What is Click and Reserve? 

Click and Reserve is a fulfilment model used to define how an order is received by a customer. Orders adhering to the click and reserve model are collected by the customers from the vendors and the customers pay the vendor upon collection.


How to set up Click and Collect? Check video check steps

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Click Show to expand Shipping and Fulfilments >> Click Fulfilment.
  3. Select Click and Reserve