How to configure the Consignment fulfillment model?

In this article, you will learn how to configure the consignment fulfillment model. This could be one central hub address or a number of hubs, you have the option to add in more than one address.

As a Marketplace operator,  you have the option to fulfill the Orders in a Consignment model. Have a look at the below diagram to see how the consignment model works.



  1. Click on the Settings tab.
  2. Click Show under the Fulfillment panel >> Click on Fulfillment.

  3. Click on the  Consignment checkbox  - Vendor ships to the marketplace or a defined "non" customer address.

  4. This is where you can define the consignment addresses. You have 2 options;
  5. Option One: Default Consignment address. All orders sent to vendors will be fulfilled to this address, with you (the marketplace operator) showing as the customer.

  6. Option two: Additional Consignment address. All orders sent to vendors will be fulfilled at this address, determined by the delivery location of the customer's order.

  7. Once you have completed these fields, Click Submit.
    Now when an order is created, the vendor will receive the order with your consignment address, not the customer address.

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