What is Multi-Live Connect?

Multi-Live Connect allows a vendor to connect their live store to multiple Marketcube operator accounts.

Previously in Marketcube, vendors were only able to connect their live store with one operator. This limited their access to connect with other operators on Marketcube. To overcome this limitation we have introduced Multi-Live Connect. Multi-Live Connect allows a vendor to Live-connect their live store with more than one operator, allowing vendors to sync their store products and inventory with more than one operator in real-time.

How Multi-live connect works: Vendors can connect their live store to operator accounts in the same way they did originally, by following our support articles on Shopify and Woocommerce live connect. 

However, as mentioned during onboarding whilst an operator has multiple vendor relationships, a vendor account only has a one to one relationship with its operator, therefore, each vendor account is solely linked with one operator. Therefore, whilst vendors can connect the same store to multiple operator accounts using the new multi-live connect feature they must ensure they do so using different Marketcube vendor accounts (with different emails). This is because Marketcube will not allow one Marketcube vendor account to connect to multiple operators.

How to set up Multi-Live Connect:


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