What is Vendor Live Connect™?

Inventory and order management automated for you and your vendors. Running a multivendor marketplace has never been simpler.

Vendor Live Connect™ enables your vendors to connect their existing online stores directly to your marketplace.

Once connected, products and orders sync automatically between their stores and your marketplace, eliminating the need for manual updates on yours or vendors' sides.

Vendor Live Connect™ Example

Let's say your vendor Farchioni already has a Shopify store; they can connect their store to your marketplace from within Settings in their own Marketcube's Vendor Portal. Then when a customer places an order in your marketplace, this order will automatically sync directly to Farchioni's store. Likewise, when there are any changes to products in Farchioni's store,  ie product goes out of stock or the price changes, these changes will sync to your marketplace without Farchioni having to remember to update their products in their Vendor Portal.

As a marketplace operator you can configure whether you want all the updates to sync automatically or you want to review them prior to them taking place (ie you might want to keep stock updates automated but review price updates). 

Thanks to Vendor Live Connect™ you can scale your marketplace seamlessly. It provides seamless and admin-free experience for your vendors and frictionless shopping experience for your customers since they won't be buying out-of-date or out-of-stock products.