What is Discount Code Management and how to set it up?

This article will give you a step-by-step guide to manage Discount Codes in your Marketcube platform. Before we go ahead and see how it works, lets learn what exactly is the Discount Codes Management functionality and the purpose it achieves.

What is Discount Code Management?

Discount Code Management allows the Operator to manage disposition of order discount amount among themselves and their associated Vendors. The main idea behind this functionality is to use discount code prefixes to identify specific orders and allow disbursal of amount incurred in discounts for that order to the Operators or the Vendors.

How does Discount Code Management Works?

A prefix for codes is used to uniquely identify discounts offered on orders. If the prefix defined in Discount Codes settings matches the prefix used in discount code used while placing the order, in that case the discount amount for the order is borne by the Vendor. For all the other cases when prefix of discount code used in an order does not match the prefix defined in Discount Codes settings, the amount of discount is borne by the Operator.

For example, if a code prefix DISC4 is defined in Discount Code Management section, for all the order where a discount code with a prefix DISC4 is used, the amount of discount so availed by the customer for that order will be borne by the Vendor.

This functionality thus offers greater flexibility to manage discounts in a Marketplace.

How are Dynamic Discounts managed in Marketcube?

To put it simply, at present the discounts offers on orders is borne by the Operator by default. But, if 'Dynamic Discount' is enabled, the discount amount is borne by the Vendor, only if the Vendor has accepted Dynamic Discount.

To learn more about Dynamic Discounts, you can refer to this article.

Setting-up Discount Code Management

To set-up Discount Code Management, please follow the below listed steps-

  1. From the Operator account, please head to Settings>>Orders>>Dynamic Discounts.
  2. Here, in this section, there are two sections - to manage Dynamic Discounts, and, manage Discount Codes.
  3. To manage Discount Codes, first enable Dynamic Discounts. You can do this for all of the Vendors or for selected Vendors.As mentioned above, you can refer to this article to have more information about managing Dynamic Discounts.

    Note: Discount Codes Management option is only activated when Dynamic Discounts is enables. Until and unless Dynamic Discount isn't enables, the 'Update' button under Discount Codes Management is not activated (Refer to screenshot attached with Step 2).
  4. Once you've enabled Dynamic Discounts, you need to check the checkbox 'Allow my vendors to offer discount code' under Discount Codes Management section.
  5. Here, in value box you have to define a 'code prefix' for the discount codes that are to be used classify discounts to be borne by the Vendor.
  6. Once the Discount Code Prefix value is defined, click on the 'Update' button to save the changes, and you are done! You'll notified with a 'Discount code setting is updated successfully' banner.NOTE: For creating these discount codes prefix, there are certain criteria that needs to be kept in mind. These criteria/standards are listed in the below section.

Things to keep in mind while defining Discount Code Prefix

While defining a discount code prefix, please keep the following pointers in mind-

  1. Only one code prefix can be defined with store-wide application. Multiple prefixes cannot be created.
  2. A code prefix can be created for a maximum length of 5 characters.
  3. Discount code prefix can be a combination of Alphabets and Numeric Values.
  4. Special characters like @,#,$,%,etc. are not permissible to be used in discount codes prefix.
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