How to connect your Wix Store to Marketcube Platform?

This article will give you a step-by-step guide to connect your Wix store to Marketcube platform thereby enabling you to get your products and orders synced to Marketcube platform with one single click. But before we do that, let's learn what is Vendor Live Connect and how it makes your marketplace an easy place to do business.

What is Vendor Live Connect?

Vendor Live Connect allows your Vendors to connect their existing online stores to their Marketcube account and thereby allowing seamless sync between their live online store and Marketcube. The integration syncs inventory and order management automatically for operators and vendors in real-time. Running a multivendor marketplace has never been simpler!

For the purpose of this article, we'll see how a Wix store can be live-connected to Marketcube. Let's dive in!

Wix Live Connect Step-by-Step Guide

1. Connecting your Wix Store to Marketcube Platform.

To connect your Wix store to Marketcube platform, follow the below mentioned steps:-

  • Login to your Wix store.

  • Simultaneously on the same browser, login to Vendor account using
    (Note: Please use Marketcube URL, for the 'connect purpose'. Wix doesn't allow to use more than one Custom URL for the 'Connect' purpose. Although, once the store connection is established you can use Custom URLs)
  • Navigate to the product listings page, and click on 'Add Products'.

  • Now from the dropdown, select 'Import products by connecting to a Wix store'. Once selected, a 'Connect' button will appear on the bottom right, click on it to submit and continue.

  • A 'Term of Service for Vendor Live Connect by Marketplace' page will pop-up. After reading the terms, click to check the checkbox and then click on 'Continue to Vendor Live Connect'.

  • Once done, you will be redirected to Wix store site. Click on 'Add to Site' button.

  • Now select the store site that you want to connect to Marketcube Vendor account.

  • This will direct you to Wix installation to Marketcube page. Click on 'Add to Site' to proceed with the Live Connect.

  • Bingo! Your Wix store has been successfully connected to Marketcube Vendor Account. You'll see a 'Shop connected successfully' banner as confirmation.

2. Importing Products from Wix Store to Marketcube Platform.

Once you have connected your Wix store to Vendor Marketcube, you can seamlessly import products from your online Wix store to Marketcube. To do so, please follow the below mentioned steps:-

  • One the products listing page, click on 'Add Products'. Now scroll down, and select the option 'Import Products from your Wix Store'.

    Alternatively, click on 'Store Settings' on the Products page. From the pop-up list, select 'Import Products from your Wix Store' option.

  • Once done, you'll see a 'Product sync running in the background' banner. Click on 'Click here to view Wix products'.

  • Once you've clicked on 'Click here to view Wix products' in the previous step, this will redirect you to Temp Products Listing Page.

    (Note: These imported products stay on the Temp Product Listing for 15 days at maximum. If not synced within this time-frame, these products will be automatically deleted after 15 days)

  • To sync these products, select all the products by clicking on the checkbox. Click on the 'Action' button, placed just adjacent to it and select 'Sync Products'.

    Once done, you'll see a banner confirming 'Your request is running in background'.

  • With these steps done, you'll be able to see that all of your Wix store products have been successfully imported to Marketcube via Wix Live Connect.

    All these products imported from Wix store will have a 'Wix Icon' attached with them. This helps you to distinguish them from all the other products listed on your Store.

3. Disconnecting Wix Store from Marketcube Platform.

If you want, you can anytime disconnect your Wix online store from Vendor Marketcube account by following these easy steps-

  • Go to Products page and click on 'Add Products'. Once you've selected Wix store option in the dropdown, you'll see an option to 'Disconnect Shop' on the bottom left.

    Alternatively, you can also perform this action from Products page by clicking on the 'Store Settings' button. From the options pop-up, select 'Disconnect Wix Store'.

  • This will open a pop-up box, seeking a confirmation to perform the disconnect action. Once approved by clicking on 'Disconnect Shop', your Wix store will be disconnected from Marketcube.

  • Once you've disconnected your store from Marketcube, all of your products will be delisted from Marketcube account. This will also impact all of your existing orders.

With this, we've seen how you can connect your Wix Store to Marketcube Vendor account by following a few simple steps.

You can perform similar actions to connect your Shopify and WooCommerce store to Marketcube Vendor account. To learn more about it, please read these articles:- Shopify Live Connect || WooCommerce Live Connect.

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