What is Operator Onboarding Flow?

When an Operator installs the Marketcube app, they need to complete an onboarding flow. This requires a 4 steps to be completed in order to access the Marketcube dashboard.

As soon as the app is installed, the operator is directed to the below page. An operator needs to Click Start  Onboarding.


Step 1: Tell us a little about your business. 

We collect and use this information to better understand and serve you as a platform. Once updated, click on Next Step.

Step 2: Your profile information

This is the information we collect from you is used when installing the Marketcube app in your online store. You can change any information where the fields are not disabled. This information will only be visible to you and your vendors and not to your customers. Once update, Click on Next Step.

step 2


Step 3: Commission Options

Almost every Marketplace runs on the basis of commission. So in Step 3, we ask the operators to set up the commission. The commission is the amount operators expect to earn as a marketplace operator from vendors. This will be calculated at various stages during an order's lifecycle from creation, acceptance, order splitting by vendors to fulfillment and shipping. 

This Commission type can be a flat rate or a percentage. Other Advance Options will be able after the onboarding is complete within the setting section of your dashboard. Once you have completed this section >> Click Next Step. 

(Optional) Click here to learn more about Commission and it's settings.

Note: Commission settings can amended after onboarding with ease.


Step 4: Return and Payment options

Configure returns and payment terms. The combination of these values will be used to calculate the due date for vendor payouts. Once it is set up, click on Next Step.

Click here to learn more about payment terms and payout settings.


Now, the operators can access the dashboard by clicking on Access Dashboard or they can book an onboarding session with our team by emailing support@marketcube.io where we will help them in setting up their account.

Complete setting

Once operators have been directed to their dashboard they can start inviting /creating vendors and adding products in order to run a multi-vendor Marketplace. 

Click here to learn more about vendor invitation.


Got more questions? Use the chat on your right or email support@marketcube.io to get in touch.

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