How to access vendor custom fields?

This article will explain how operators can ask for some specific information from their vendors using the custom field.

The custom field provides an option for the operator to gather some specific information from their vendors. This information can be asked in the open fields and can include options like VAT Number, Company Registration Number, etc. 

This field is not enabled by default and the operator needs to enable it.

Steps to enable vendor custom fields:

1. Log in to Operator's account and click on the "Settings" tab.

2. Under Settings, click on "Show" >>Under the vendor's tab >> Then click on "Venodr"

3. Scroll down to Custom Fields and add labels according to the information you need, for example, VAT.
The operator must click on the checkboxes and add custom field labels, only ticked checkboxes with labels will be made available to the vendor's dashboard.

6. Once the vendor joins the platform, they will have to complete the onboarding activity and fill in these Custom Field details from their Marketcube app.

Note: Click on the How to onboard as a vendor? for more information

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