How to onboard as a vendor?

In this article we will learn what vendor onboarding looks like.

When the operator invites or creates any vendor using multiple options like invite vendors via email, create vendors, bulk add vendors using CSV and generate link (registration link), the vendor receives an email and by following the instructions in email they can create the password for their Marketcube account login. 

1. Once they are logged into the vendor Marketcube dashboard (which looks like the screenshot shown below), they need to complete an onboarding activity (which is a one step process).

2. Step 1:
If you have invited the vendors to register themselves using a form, in step 1 the vendor will have to fill all the required details. Once filled, the vendor will be redirected to the Final step.

3. Final Setup:
In final step, they just need to Finish the Setup and access their dashboard by clicking Ac.

4. Once clicked on the access dashboard, the vendor will be redirected to their Marketcube home page. They can now link their online store or start adding products. 


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