How to import products from your online store?

Vendors can now connect their Shopify stores directly to their Marketcube account and sync all the products available on their online store. This helps in streamlining the product upload as well as eliminating the need for manual product updates in the future, keeping product information, price and stock in sync between vendors store and the marketplace in real time basis.

Steps for importing products from live-connected store: 

1. To enable this functionality a vendor needs to navigate to Products section that can be accessed via main navigation menu or the Dashboard, as demonstrated below.

2. Once in Products a vendor needs to select "Add Products", and choose 'Import products by connecting to a Shopify store' option.

3.Then a vendors needs to add their store name/URL and click on the 'connect' button.

4. Vendor will then be asked to login to their Shopify store. Once this is done a vendor will be brought back to the add product screen and see their store connected. 

5. Once a vendor's store is connected, they can either choose for all products to be pushed to the marketplace or select them manually. To do so a vendor needs to navigate to Products, click 'Shopify products' list (as highlighted below) and choose the products they want. 

Once this is done a marketplace operator will see the products and be able to approve and publish them. For all approved products any changes made in a vendor's store will automatically sync to the marketplace for the marketplace operator to review.

Note: A marketplace operator can choose whether they want the changes to be auto approved.

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