What do orders look like to vendors?

In the previous parts of "What does my vendor see" we covered vendor registration and adding products and now we can move to the most important part of any marketplace business - orders. In this article, we will go over what order flow is like for you and your vendors.

Step 1: Customer places an order on your site (for this article we will use the example where the order is placed for 2 products from 2 different vendors.)

Step 2:  Both you and your vendors get notified of new orders via email (refer to the attached screenshot for your reference).

  • Operator Email:-

  • Vendor-A Email:- 

You and your vendors can also see new orders under Activity on the dashboard and Orders in your Marketcube dashboard. Please note as a seller you can see all line items within the order, whereas vendors can only see their own products and not other vendors' products from within the same order.

Step 3: Your vendor clicks into the order and can accept or reject it (as a marketplace Operator you also have the ability to accept and reject orders on the behalf of all of your vendors). 

Step 4: Once your vendor accepts the order they need to add tracking details to it (again, as a marketplace operator you can also do so on the vendor's behalf if needed). 

Once tracking details are added these are synced to your Shopify store and your customers get notified of their order tracking information as per usual.

Step 5: When a vendor accepts or rejects the order as a seller you get an email notification about it. 

Step 6: Order details are also updated to reflect tracking information for both you and your vendor. 

  • Operator's Dashboard:- 

  • Vendor's Dashboard:- 

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