What does vendor registration & onboarding look like for vendors?

In this series 'What does my vendor' see we will cover all the key areas of the app your vendors might interact with being a part of your marketplace. 

Step 1: You invite a vendor to join your marketplace via Marketcube. You can do it in multiple ways that can all be accessed from within Vendors section of the app. To get there choose Vendors from the main menu and hit Add Vendors button on the right. 

Step 2-A: Vendor receives email invite to join your marketplace and follows the link from the email to set their log in credentials.

Step 2 - B: You get notified via email that a seller joined your marketplace

Please note you can also check the status of your vendor invites directly from the Marketcube app. To do so navigate to Activity Logs from the main menu.

 In Activity Logs you can see whether the invite has been sent and accepted successfully under Status. In the example below the invite has been sent and accepted.

Step 3: Vendor logs in for the first time.

Step 4: Post log in vendor lands on the dashboard similar to yours.

Step 5: Vendor fills in their profile after being prompted to do so in Step 1.

Step 6: After saving their profile vendor lands back on the dashboard and is now ready to add their first product! Yey!

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