How to configure discounts for products (Operator Discount)?

As a part of pricing management, Marketcube offers a discount functionality. In this article we'll learn the types of discounts that can be applied to products and how an Operator can configure these discounts for the end customers.

To configure discounts on products, please navigate to Settings>>Products>>Discount on Operator Marketcube Dashboard. Before we go ahead, please note that a discount can be offered in two (2) ways. These are-

  1. Standard Discounts - applied globally to all of the products listed on Marketplace. This can be applied in flat or percentage.
  2. Advanced Discounts - applied to specific Product Type, or products of a specific Vendor. This type of discount can also be applied in flat or percentage.

We'll now pick each of these discounts one by one.

A. Standard Discounts

To apply discounts to all of your listed products, please follow the below mentioned steps-

  1. Login to Operator Marketcube account and go to Settings>>Products>>Discount.
  2. Now under the Standard Discount section, you can defined the discount that you want to apply. This can be a flat amount (example $5), or a percentage of product price (example 10%).

  3. Click on the 'Update' button to make the changes and apply the Standard Discount.
Here it is important to note that-
  • Flat rate is a set amount charged on all orders(i.e. $20).
  • Percentage discount is a set percentage of order value charged on all orders(i.e. 10%).
  • Also, as stated above, setting-up the Standard Discount will  apply the defined discount to all of the products listed on Marketplace.

B. Advanced Discounts

Advanced Discounts settings allows Operators to define discounts products of specific type, or products of specific vendors, or a combination of both. To do so, please follow the below mentioned steps-

  1. Login to Operator Marketcube account and go to Settings>>Products>>Discount.
  2. Click on Advanced discount settings option listed at the bottom of the Standard Discount setting box.

  3. A new Advanced Discount Setting section will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Define the Set Rules before you proceed to define the discount values.
  5. You can now set discount per category, vendor or combination of both. There's no limit to how many combinations you can add. (as illustrated in the screenshot below)

  6. Click on the 'Update' button to save the settings.

Here, please note that-

  • Category discount is set on the basis of a products category e.g. Womens, Sunglasses, Shoes.
  • Vendor discount is set against a single or group of vendors.
  • The priority here is defined based on the rule that you've set-up in this section.

Important Notes and Takeaways

With this, we have seen how product discounts are set-up by an Operator, which are in turn visible on the Operator's front-end store for the end customer. There are a certain pointers however that should always be kept in mind. Please read them below-

  • Operator Discount and Vendor discounts are different.
    • Operator discount is provided to the end customers.
    • Vendor discount is provided by the vendor to the operator.
  • This article only covers the Operator Discounts, and these discounts are provided by the Operator to their end customers, and not by the Vendor.
  • The Operator bears the cost of these discounts.
  • Discounts created by Operators will have its impact while calculating Operators' share at the time of Vendor Payout.

To know more about Vendor Discount, please refer to this article. For further assistance, please feel free to reach out to us on

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