How to configure discounts for products (Vendor Discount)?

In Marketcube Vendors can provide discounts to their marketplace operators. It will be at the discretion of operators to forward this discount to the end-users or not. A vendor can add a discount in the product form for a specific product or can provide a global discount to the operator on all products. This option is enabled in an existing product.


How to set up Global Vendor Discount:           

1. Login in vendor Marketcube account and click on the " setting Icon" >>  >> Select Products >> Show >> Click Discounts.     

2. After clicking on Discounts, vendors  will see the option of Standard discount,

Note: "A Standard discount is a discount that applies to all the existing products of the vendor".

3. There are two standard store-wide discount types available -

Flat-rate ($) - a set amount charged on all orders (i.e $20).

Percentage. (%) - set percentage of order value charged on all orders(i.e 10 %).
4By selecting the "Percentage" you can set up a flat discount on all the existing products of the store. 

Select the option of value as a Percentage
Add the discount value
Click on Save

5.  After Clicking the Submit button, a pop-up will appear which says 'Updating global discount will affect all the existing products that are having a global discount. Do you wish to continue?'

6. Click on Continue and the discount will be applied to all the vendors existing products. You should be able to see a green banner that reads 'Discount Updated Successfully' (as shown below). So now, every product added by the vendor will have a discount for the operator.


  • Discounts added by vendors will not have any impact on the front-end store. These discounts are for the operator.
  • Operator Discounts and Vendor discounts are different. Operator Discounts are for customers and Vendor discounts are for the operator.
  • Vendor discounts are provided to the operators by vendors
  • Operator commission is calculated on the vendor's discounted price, not the original price reflected on the front-end store.
  • This discount will have an impact at the time of vendor payout


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