What to do with a product review?

In this article, you will learn about the three options available when a product is in a review state. The Operators have full control of all products that are pushed to the marketplace frontend through a review process.

As a Marketplace operator, you have a number of options when a product needs a review. you can see the review options below. You the operator can set the approval/review process through the Product settings. You can choose to review products before pushing to your marketplace to stay in control or you also have the option to auto-approve everything. 

Products Review Options. 

  1. Login to your Operator account.

  2. Click the Products.

  3. See products that need review.

  4. From Manage button dropdown click Review

  5. You can see the changes that have been made by clicking on Show

  6. You have 3 buttons to choose from
    1. Accept + Publish = You acknowledge all changes the vendor has made, these will NOW override your changes.
    2. Accept + Don't Publish = You acknowledge all changes the vendor has made, these will NOT override your changes.
      1. Please Note: If you have "Review all Changes" as your approval process. Price changes will always be pushed through to the operator portal. A popup warning will ask you to confirm this. 
    1. Don't Accept Changes = You reject all the changes the vendor has made. 

  1. Once you have made your selection. The product status will update. 
    For example: if you clicked Accept and Don't Publish = the product status will change to Reviewed.

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