What is the Hybrid fulfillment model?

In this article, you will learn what fulfilment options are available on marketcube, what hybrid fulfilment is, and how operators can set up hybrid fulfilment.

What is fulfilment?

In E-Commerce platforms fulfilment refers to how an order is delivered or received by a customer.

The following fulfilment options are available on marketcube to all of our Operators and are explained below. 

  • Dropship - The vendor ships directly to the customer.

  • Consignment Ship - All your vendors' ship to Marketplace or a defined 'non' customer address.
  • Consignment Pickup - Your vendor defines a pickup address for you to pick up and deliver to the customer.
  • Click and Reserve- The customer collects the product from the vendor and pays cash upon collection.

What is Hybrid Fulfilment?

Hybrid Fulfilment

As an Operator, selecting hybrid fulfilment will allow you to choose multiple fulfilment options. You no longer have to be confined to one type of fulfilment model, as your account can now have vendors with different fulfilment options from each other.

For example, you can have one vendor that supports the dropship fulfilment model whilst another uses the consignment model. This enables you to open your marketcube to more vendors as you are no longer only restricted to vendors supporting a specific fulfilment model. Whereas, previously, you could only use one fulfilment model for all vendors.

You can also use hybrid fulfilment to use different fulfilment models for different product types as well as different vendors. 

Marketcube offers dropship fulfilment by default. You also have Consignment Pickup, Consignment Ship and Click and Reserve fulfilment models to choose from. The Hybrid model will allow you to be able to select a combination of fulfilment options depending on your vendors, product type or both. This setting is available to select in your marketcube account as shown below.

For a detailed explanation of how to set up the hybrid fulfilment, please look at the article on How to set up the Hybrid fulfilment model? 

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