What is the Hybrid fulfillment model?

In this article, you will learn what hybrid fulfillment options are available to an operator. We offer the Dropship model by default. You also have Consignment Pickup or Consignment Ship fulfillment models to choose from.

As an Operator, as of the February 2021 release you will have the option to be able to choose a variety of fulfillment options. You no longer have to be confined to one type of fulfillment model, as you can now invite more vendors that offer other fulfillment options. 

The following fulfillment options are available to all of our Operators, however, you can only choose one of these options in the current set up.

  • Dropship - Vendor ships directly to the customer.

  • Consignment Ship - All your vendors ship to Marketplace or a defined 'non' customer address.
  • Consignment Pickup - Your vendor defines a pickup address for you to pick up and deliver to the customer.

The Hybrid model will allow you to be able to create a combination of fulfillment options varying depending on your vendors. 

See link on - How to set up the Hybrid fulfillment model?

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