How to Reverse import products from operators shopify store?

Reverse import is to sync products from operators Shopify store to his Marketcube app. In this article we will learn how to import products from Operators store.

Sometimes it happens that operator has few products on his store which he wants to bring in Marketcube.
In order to do this, we have provided operators an option to Import Products from Shopify Store but to perform this activity, operator needs to ensure that each product has a corresponding vendor to it. Operator can assign vendors to these products using his/her shopify backend.

We also call this feature as reverse import of products.

Steps to Import Products from Store:

1. Login as Operator
2. Click on Product tab >>Actions>>Import Products from Shopify

3. Click on Sync Product as soon as the you get below pop-up. 


This will sync all existing product from his store which will have a corresponding vendor to it.

Key Points to remember/Warning:

  • Operators can assign vendors to the orphan product using his Shopify admin account
  • Only those products will sync into marketcube which will have a corresponding vendor to it


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