Managing product reviews

Product reviews are a mechanism for Marketplace operators to control and check the edits made to a products information by a vendor. This process prevents vendor products being published straight to a Marketplaces operators store, however there are override options.

Please note: Review options are only applicable after a "New" product has been approved, meaning the first time a product is added to Marketcube it always has a status of "New".
The are three options for managing product reviews, Setup > Product Settings available on the dashboard:

  1. Review all changes: this option ensures that all changes made to a product will always go into a review status
  2. Review all changes except price and quantity updates: this options ensures that price and inventory updates made by a vendor are ignored and pushed automatically to the Marketplace operators store. This is also the default option.
  3. Auto approve all changes: this option ensures that none of the product updates made by a vendor fall into review and are published straight to the Marketplace operators store