How to set up your marketplace commission rate?

Commission rate is the amount you as a marketplace operator earn on each sale in your marketplace. E.g. if you were to sell an item for $10 and your commission rate was set to 20%, then you would earn $2.00 and your vendor would earn $8.00.

To access commission settings you need to head to Setup section, accessible from your Dashboard. You can also access commission from within marketplace setup section visible by default the first time you launch Marketcube. 

Don't worry about setting up incorrect commission the first time you launch Marketcube. You can change it at any point in the future. 

Within there are a number of options available for setting up commission, which fall under two board categories, Standard and Advanced.

Standard Commission

Standard commission is a global setting that will be applied to all sales in your platform, against all orders. You can set the commission amount to be a percentage value of an order's value, e.g. 20%  or a flat rate/fixed fee per item in the order e.g. $1.50. regardless of the order total value. For example, if you sell an item for $10 and your commission is set to 20%, then you will make $2 on sale and your vendor will make $8. However, if your commission is set to $5 and you sell an item for $10, then you will make $5 and your vendor will make $5. 

Advanced Commission

Advanced commission allows you to have more control over how commission is charged and can be set per product category (ie mens shoes), per vendor (ie Gucci), or a combination of both product category and vendor (ie Gucci shoes).

Please note: to set advanced options Vendor and Products with categories must be setup and available beforehand, else either one or both of the options will be unavailable.

Your commission can be uniform across the entire catalogue or you can configure it per vendor, or per category, or per the combination of both vendor/category, depending on your marketplace policy and agreements with vendors. Your commission can either be a set amount or a percentage.