How to connect your Shopify store to marketcube?

In this article, you will learn how to connect your Shopify store to a marketplace so products, orders and payment sync automatically between the two.


  1. Connect your Shopify vendor store with Live Connect.
  2. Products added on the Shopify Vendor store reflect on Marketcube without any user intervention.
  3. Products can be imported with the Import Product from Shopify Store functionality and selectively synced.
  4. Orders created on the Shopify market Operator store transverse to the Shopify vendor store.
  5. Disconnect your live connected Shopify Vendor store.

    How Vendors can import products by connecting to a Shopify Store?

    • Select Product >> Add Product >> Import products by connecting to a Shopify Store
    • Add in the name of the Shopify Store and click the connect button.
    • Remember you only need to add in the Store name.
    • Accept the terms of service for Shopify Vendor Live Connect by the marketplace. Click the checkbox and Continue to vendor live connect button. 
    • You will see a Shop Connected Successfully confirmation. Your Shop is now connected. Click the import products from your store.  
    • Your product sync will run in the background. You can now view the products.  
    • To add the products to your marketplace operator account use line by line add product action or you can use the bulk add function by selecting multiple products. Imported products will be deleted after 15 days, import again to get them back.
    • The status shows as Not Synced, once the products are added they will show as Synced
    • In your Operator account you can see the Connect Shop under the Products tab. With the newly added products showing as new. You can now push these products to your Shopify marketplace store.



    Finally, the vendor can disconnect the live connected store.

    • The user can navigate to the add Products page and select the option that says  ‘Import products by connecting to a Shopify Store’. If you have a store connected then clicking on the Disconnect shop option opens a modal confirming the disconnection.
    • The second way to disconnect is by clicking on the Connected Shop cross. Once this happens all products from that vendor will no longer be available for the Operator marketplace

    Key points to remember:

    • Products and Orders take some time to sync both ways. Please be patient
    • The imported products which are deleted after 15 days does not mean that the products will be deleted from Marketcube or Shopify. It will only remove the products from the Shopify products page in marketcube. Vendors can again import it if they want.

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