How to set up shipping charges?

There's multiple ways for you to set up and charge shipping costs to customers. In this article we will show you where to set it up and help pick the best option for your marketplace. 

To set up shipping charges navigate to your Dashboard -> Set Up-> Manage Shipping. 

Once you're within Manage Shipping section you will see multiple ways for you to set up shipping charges. Please note your selection will dictate not only who sets the shipping charges (you or your vendors), but also how the money collected for shipping will be split between you and your vendors. 

The options available for you to choose from are the following, 

  • No shipping charge - you set shipping charges yourself and keep the entire amount. For example, if the customer pays $10 for shipping, you receive $10 and the vendor/s fullfilling the order receive $0.
  • Flat shipping charge - flat the amount each vendor receive per order shipped. For example, if you set this to be $2, then regardless how much the customers pays for the shipping, each vendor fullfilling the order receives $2 for shipping.
  • Equal shipping charge split - shipping amount paid by customer is split equally between vendors. For example, the customer pays $10 for shipping and buys two products from two different vendors, each vendor recieve $5 for shipping and you receive $0.
  • Vendor manage shipping charges - your vendors set shipping charges themselves and order is placed, each one of them receives the shipping amount they set. Please note if you’re using Shopify this option is only available on one of Shopify advanced plans, as Shopify doesn’t allow shipping charges aggregation on checkout on basic plans.

To choose an option you need to select it from the dropdown and click Submit.

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