How to importing existing products? supports importing products from your (Sellers) Shopify store, there are however pre-requisites to making sure this functionality can be used:

Products in Shopify, that need to be imported, are assigned a vendor

The same vendor is created and available in
By same we mean syntactically the same e.g. :

  • evasolo2 equals evasolo2 in both platforms [correct]
  • evasolo2 is not equal to Evasolo2. [incorrect]

Please note: that for display purposes the name will be capitized, however the real entry is maintained in the profile of the vendor

Once the Vendor is available in the system run the "import products from your Shopify store", from the product's list available in 

Clicking on the import button will ask you for confirmation and will then start the import/sync in the background. 

Once the process is completed, the updated products will appear in the product's list but also in your activity stream on the dashboard.

Please note: this process could take some time.

If there are problems you may look at your activity stream in the dashboard or refer to the "History" page, accessible from the menu.