How to reverse Import orders from your Shopify Store?

In this article, you will understand how to reverse import your orders from your Shopify frontend store into your Operator account.

As an Operator, you have the option to import orders from your Shopify store. This is to make sure all orders have synced between Shopify and your Operator account. If ever, you can not find an order in your Operator dashboard for a specific vendor, follow the following steps to sync the orders and see if the order has come through. 


  1. Click on the Orders tab.
    Screenshot 2020-12-19 at 17-16-11-png-1 (1)
  2. Click Show for the Actions panel >> Click on Import orders from Shopify store

  3. Once you have clicked Import orders from Shopify store,  a box as shown below should appear. Click Sync Orders -for all new orders to be synced to your operator account.

  4. Once you have clicked Sync Orders, a message will appear to confirm the order sync is running in the background. 

  5. Once the sync is complete, check to see your order number has come through and make sure the order details are correct.


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