How to generate and embed vendor registration link?

There's multiple ways available to marketplace operators to onboard vendors in Marketcube. One of them is via vendor registration link that can either be embedded anywhere on marketplace operator's web-site (ie Join Us As a Vendor section) or in emails, social media, etc. 

To generate the link and embed it please follow the steps outlined below.

From the Dashboard go to the "Setup" tab or from the menu navigate go to the "Vendors" page

Then select the  "Add Vendors" button in the top right.

From within Add Vendors options choose 'Generate vendor registration link'

Copy your unique registration link

To embed this link on your website paste the link generated in the step above in an HTML HREF tag. For example if you wanted to create a button on your site that said 'Join Our Store' then the generated link, from above, should be embedded in a HTML tags as follow:

< a href="">Join Our Store</a>

To have the link show up in the right place on the site you need to edit the code of your Shopify store. To do that navigate to the area where you can edit the code of your Shopify shop template and select Edit Code

Once in the theme, choose where you would like the link to to placed

This is an example of adding the link in the footer of the website

This is how this example will show on the website

And finally, clicking the link will take the vendor to the registration page, (which you will be able to brand with your logo and messaging).