How to edit product variants?

In this article, we will talk about how a product variant can be edited.

A product can have multiple variants associated with it like- size, colour, material, etc. Once the product is created with a Variant in it and it is approved and the vendor wants to update the variants, he can follow the below steps to edit the variants.

Steps to edit product variant:

1. Log in as a Vendor.


2. Click on the Product tab >> Click on  Manage >> Click Edit to edit the product.

edit variant


3. Once inside the product form, under Product Variant, you can edit the variants in two ways:
  • Bulk edit Variant:

    Variants price and quantity can be edited in bulk click on the Check Box >> Actions >> Update Price/ Update Quantity

    This step will update the same price and quantity in all the variants in one shot once you click on Update Price
    edit variant1qtyprice-1
  • Edit single Variant:
    -In case one single variant needs to be edited, Click Manage >> Click Edit.
    edit var

    -The product variant page is opened where the variant can be edited.
    -You can add an existing image in the variant or can upload a new image.
  • imagess - Mark the product as Physical and click on Submit to save the settings.


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