How to delete your vendors?

In this article, we will discuss how the operators can delete vendors from their Marketcube app.

Deleting a vendor from marketcube will also delete the products associated with that vendor. At the time of deletion, marketcube will ask you to confirm if you want to delete the associated product with that vendor from marketcube or from marketcube or shopify both. Operators can select any of the options.
But please note, that in case you delete the product only from marketcube while deleting the vendor and not from shopify, then any order which is placed for that product will not sync in Marketcube.

Steps to Delete a Vendor:

1. Log in as Marketplace Operator.

2. Click on the Vendors tab.Adv vendor profile-3

3. You can delete a vendor in bulk or singularly. 

      a. To delete a vendor in In bulk:

  • Click on multiple check boxes.
  • Click on the dropdown More Actions.
  • Click on Delete Selected.
    delete vendor-1

    b. To delete a single Vendor:
  • Locate the desired vendor brand name, Click on Manage.
  • Click on Delete.


4. Once you click on Delete, a new dialog box appears stating that you are about to delete selected vendor/s and once a vendor is deleted, all associated products with that vendor will also get deleted.

As an operator, you can delete the product from shopify and Marketcube both or only from Marketcube.

As a platform we recommend you delete the products from both Marketcube and Shopify as if the product is not deleted from both the places, it will be on your shopify as an orphan product and any order placed for it will not sync into marketcube.


5. Once the option is selected, the request starts to run in the background and the vendor is deleted.


Key Points to remember:
Deleting a vendor will also delete the associated products.

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