How to connect your own domain?

If you want your marketplace URL to show your own domain, ie, instead of a generic, then you need to own your own domain (can be bought on sites like and then follow the steps below.

Navigate to Setup section from within your marketplace operator dashboard, and once you're in Setup select Branding from the list of set up steps.

In branding navigate to Configure you domain section. Within that section type in the URL you want for your marketplace (ie or This is the URL your vendors will use and see. For example, for my marketplace I use 

Now the next step is to to authorise Marketcube to connect to your domain.

  1. Log in to your domain hosting site (ie GoDaddy) and go to DNS management section for your domain. 
  2. Go to Records 
  3. Add a record with type CNAME  

4. Within this newly created record fill in all required fields and save, 

  • Host - this is the sub-domain for your marketplace. For instance, if I want my marketplace URL to be I will type in marketplace in Host
  • Points to - paste in the following,
  • TTL - select 1 Hour

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