How to configure your product tags and types/categories?

Tags and types are added on the Admin's Shopify store. Once they are added on the Shopify store the tags and types are automatically synced into the Marketcube app. In this article, we will show you how to configure tags and types in Marketcube.

Now vendors can also add existing tags to the products. In order to allow vendors to have this ability, the operator will have to enable tag and type option from their product settings.

Steps to enable tag and types for vendors:

1. Log in as an Operator.

2. Under the Settings tab Click on Products >> Click Show >> Click Product Settings.
product settings-1


3. Click on the Enable button if you want to allow your vendors to add/edit the tags and types. They will only be able to add/edit tags that exist on your store and would not be able to add any new type or tags.
4. Once this setting is enabled, vendors can follow our support document on how to add/update products.

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