How to Bulk Create Vendors Yourself?

Marketcube provides multiple options to add vendors. In this article, we will discuss how to add vendors in bulk using a CSV

If you want to set up your vendors yourself then create them using manually or by uploading your list as a CSV. Prepare and upload a CSV file with the new vendors you would like to create (sample CSV file is available to download on the add vendor page in marketcube), fill in the required form fields, and hit ‘Submit.’ Each vendor will receive an email from your store with a unique link to set the password and log in.

Steps to bulk create vendors using a CSV-: 

  1. Log in as a Marketplace operator.
  2.  Click on the Vendors tab.qwa
  3. Click show under the Actions panel  >> Click on Add Vendors.

  4. From the dropdown, click on Bulk Create Vendors using a CSV.
  5. Click on Download Sample CSV.sample csv
  6. Fill in the information for the vendors you want to create using the CSV File.csv
  7. Once you have completed the CVS, Click on Add File to upload the CSV.

  8. Vendor Verification:
    A vendor is required to verify their email when joining the platform however when creating a vendor you can choose to 'Auto verify vendor' thereby avoiding the need to validate their email. This is useful when you are 'creating' vendor accounts and hence is selected by default. In case you want your vendors to verify their email id, kindly uncheck the box.

  9. Vendor's Access Permission:

    By default, a vendor has full write access in their account however operators can set a vendor's access to be 'read-only'. With 'read-only' access a vendor can log into their account but they are not able to perform any create, update or delete actions ie. add or manage products and orders or change any settings.

    This permission can be revoked or added at any time by you after a vendor has been created. This feature is particularly useful when you are looking to manage on behalf of your vendors.



9. Click on Upload.

10. Operator can check the status of the bulk activity. by clicking on Home tab >> Clicking on Activity.
bulk act


11. Created vendors to receive an email with ID and password to login into their account.



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