How to add products?

There's multiple ways to add products for both marketplace operator and vendors. It can either be done via a product form (as demonstrated below), in bulk, or automatically when your vendors connect their online stores to the marketplace. 

Generally, the journey looks the same for a marketplace operator and vendors; the only difference being the products added by vendors require marketplace operator's approval. 

In this article we will go through the steps a vendor follows to add products using a product form.

Step 1: Vendor navigates to Products, accessible from the main menu or dashboard. Vendor fills in all the relevant information in the product form and hits Submit. 

Step 2: Vendor lands on the product listing page, where they can see all of their products and status of each (New/Approved/Published). 

  • New - product added by vendor that hasn't yet been approved by a marketplace operator, hence not available for sale yet
  • Approved - product approved by marketplace operator
    Please note: after the product is approved it still needs to be published in the marketplace operator's store by a marketplace operator to make it shoppable.

Step 3a: Vendor receives an email, confirming they have submitted product(s) for review. 

Step 3b: Marketplace operator receives an email notifying them that a new product has been submitted for review. 

Step 4: Marketplace operator sees newly added product(s) in Products and can push them to their product catalogue or reject them (pushing products to Shopify doesn't publish them to the store/marketplace; marketplace operator needs to follow the regular publishing journey for that.)

Step 5: Once the product is approved a vendor receives an email notification

Step 6: Marketplace operator publishes the products they want to be available in their store from Products section of their Shopify control panel

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