How to add existing vendors to your marketplace?

This article covers the options you have to add the vendors you've onboarded or working with already to your marketplace. 

Option 1:  For adding one or few vendors you can use Marketcube's vendor creation form
Option 2: For adding multiple vendors we recommend using CSV bulk vendor import 

Follow the steps below for options 1 and 2,  

  • Log into app from within Shopify
  • Select “Vendors” from the top menu 
  • Select “Add Vendors”
  • Choose 'Create Vendors Yourself Using Our Form' if you're adding one vendor 
  • If you're adding multiple vendors we recommend to choose 'Bulk Create Vendors via CSV' 

If you want your vendors’ email addresses to be automatically verified once added, then keep “Auto Verify Supplier” tick box selected. If you want your vendors to be prompted to verify their email addresses manually, then unselect “Auto Verify Supplier” tick box. If you keep the tick box unselected your vendor/s will then receive an email with a link to verify their email address. Once email address is verified, the login credentials will be sent to the vendor.

If you're using 'Bulk Create Vendors via CSV'  you can check check the status of your upload at any time in “History”. You can access “History’ from the dropdown menu located in the top right side. When uploading your CSV file please ensure the data and its format matches Shopify and Marketcube CSV requirements. You can download a sample CSV on 'Bulk Create Vendors via CSV' page.