Impact on the order if the product has been deleted.

In this article, we will explain the impact deleting a product has on order.

On Marketcube, the Vendor is the owner of the product and the Operator is the owner of the orders. Therefore, only vendors can permanently delete the product.  Deleting a product removes this item from Marketcube. This article explains what happens to order (before fulfilment) if the Vendor/Operator deletes the product. 

Currently, on Marketcube, the current order flow is as follows; we receive an order, both the Vendor/Operator can then accept/reject the order. Post performing this action the order can be marked as fulfilled. The question of what happens to an order if the order status is "Accepted and Unfulfilled" and the vendor deletes the product. 

If the vendor has deleted the product, then there is no Undo option available for this. If an operator has deleted the product then the vendor has the option to resubmit/undelete the respective product. However, the resubmission of this product will be completely independent of the order received for the respective product before the deletion of the product. In such cases, the Operator will have to manually manage the order fulfilment (via. Shopify) as well as the vendor payout.  

Let's see what we can do for an order if an Operator has deleted the product:

1. Log in to your Marketcube account as an Operator >> Click on the Orders Tab. 

2. You will now be able to view the recent order placed on your web store (as shown below). 

3. However, now before the vendor fulfils the order you as an operator delete the product as shown below.

4. The Order will now be marked as "Rejected" and "Unfulfilled.

5.  On the product you wish to restore, click on the Products tab >> Manage button >> Click Resubmit.

7. A popup window will open and you will need to enter the reason for the resubmission of the product for your operator >> Click on Resubmit.

8. Now, the product will be available with the status as "New". The operator needs to review and publish it to their store. 

Now, Let's see what we can do for an order if a Vendor has deleted the product:

1. Log in to your Marketcube account as a Vendor >> Click on the Orders Tab.

2. You will now be able to see the latest order received for your listed product on the operator web store.

  • Now, before fulfilling the order if the vendor has deleted the product that is included in an order, the order will be marked as "Rejected" and "Unfulfilled" (as shown below).
  • Here, the vendor will not be able to recover the product data & the product will be deleted from both the vendor's & the operator's Marketcube account along with the operator Web store.

3. If the Vendor, still wishes to fulfil the order, the Operator has to Manually fulfil the Order from Shopify & Vendor Payment has to be done Manually outside the Marketcube

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