Tag vendor as overseas

In this article, you will learn how an operator can mark or tag a vendor as overseas vendor.

Who is an overseas vendor?
A vendor who is located outside of operator's country and associated with them to increase their reach and marketplace is known as overseas vendor.  

What does tagging a vendor as overseas do?
Tagging a vendor as overseas is just for audit purpose. It has financially no impact on either operator or vendor as of now.  

As a Marketplace operator, you have the ability to tag a vendor as overseas.

There is a checkbox in the vendor profile section named " Tag vendor as overseas". The operator can select the checkbox to mark the vendor as overseas.

NOTE: The operator can only mark the vendor as overseas just for the audit purpose. 

How to tag a vendor as overseas:

1. Log into your Marketcube operator account.

2. Click on the Vendors tab >> Go to the vendor profile >> Click Edit Profile to whom you want to mark as overseas.

On the vendor profile, there is a check box "Tag vendor as overseas" and once the operator ticks the checkbox, the vendor will be marked as overseas.

3. The "Tag vendor as overseas" checkbox is visible to the operator while adding the vendors through the form.
4. On the vendor end while onboarding, the checkbox will be disabled (Greyed-out) and available in read-only mode.
5. It will be optional for the operator to mark the check-box in the form.
6. The operator can anytime update the settings from the "Edit profile" section of the particular vendor.


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