How to initiate chat with a vendor as an operator

In this article, you will learn how operator and vendor can chat with each other.

Our chat feature allows operators and vendors to chat with each other within Marketcube.

As a Marketplace operator, you have the ability to chat with your vendors. Please have a look below to see how you can initiate a chat.

How to initiate a chat as an operator:

1. Log into your Marketcube operator account.

2. Click on the vendors tab and locate the vendor you wish to chat with >> Click Manage  located on the right hand side of your selected vendor >> Click Initiate Chat.

3. Once the chat is initiated a chat box will pop-up as shown below. You can close the chat by clicking on the X inside the green circle. This will terminate the chat session.

A Vendor will need to navigate to their inbox to see messages by Clicking the Chat Inbox tab on their Marketcube account to chat with the Seller (Operator) as shown below. 

5.They can also enable the Desktop Notifications by clicking on the greyed out tab highlighted in the screenshot below. Enabling notifications for chats allows operators to be notified by pop message window when they receive an chat.

5. If the vendor is not online when the operator messages them, a notification email will be triggered to inform them and they can start the chat from the link provided in the email by clicking Join the Chat.

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