How to filter orders based on multiple criterias?

In this article, we will see how the filters can be used in searching and viewing the data. 

In Marketcube, Filters allow you to easily find the data you are looking for and save your time. Filters help the Operators and Vendors to view the data based on their search criteria. Currently, the filters can be found in different sections of your Marketcube account like Orders, Products, Vendors, and Payments.

Filters allow you to set up Order, Payment or Product filtering. In the case of Product filters, When you enable filtering you can filter your products by Title, Vendor, or Live connect platform options to find the products that interest them the most.

In the case of Order filters, you can filter your orders by Brand name, Order Id, or by the status of the order. Similarly, using the Payment filters you can filter the payments by Brand name or by the status of the order.

How to access the filters: 

1. Log into your Marketcube account.

2. For accessing the Order filters, Click on the Orders tab >> Click on More Filters.

3. Under More Filters you will see two options:

a. Filter By 

b. Filter By Status 

a. Under Filter By you can filter the orders by selecting a Brand Name (Vendor brand name) or by adding an Order ID.

b. Under Filter By Status you can filter the orders by the Current Status of the orders.

NOTE: Similar to the Orders, filters can be used in the other sections of your account as well like Products, Vendors, and Payments. 

For accessing the Product filters Click on the Products tab >> Click on More Filters to see the Product filters.

Note: Following the same process the Filters can be accessed in the other sections of your Markecube account.


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