How to manage packing slip data?

In this article we will explain what a packing slip is and how you can manage the data and layout of one.

A packing slip is a document that includes a complete list of items included in a package. Operators and vendors use packing slips when fulfilling an order line item.  Using the manage packing slip layout feature an operator can manage the packing slip data and hide the information which they do not want to be shown on the packing slip.

How to manage the packing slip data:

1. Log into your Operator account >> Click on the Settings Icon.

2. Click on the Orders tab >> Click Manage Packing Slip.

3. Under Manage packing slips,  you will see two options:

1. Manage Packing slip

2. Manage packing slip layout settings

By Clicking Manage packing slip (option 1) you can restrict your vendors from accessing or downloading the packing slip by choosing the options explained below.

There are three options available for the operators to choose from. Operators can manage vendors access to packing slips by choosing any of the conditions below: 

a. Enable packing slip for all vendors.

b. Disable packing slip for all vendors.
c. Disable packing slips for your selected vendors.
NOTE: By default packing slip is  enabled for all the vendors.

Packing slip

  • If the operator wants to disable the packing slip for all their vendors, they can select Disable packing slip for all vendors.
  • If they want to disable packing slips for selected vendors, they can opt for the third option Disable packing slip for your selected vendors.

a. To disable a packing slip for selected vendors the Operator then needs to Click Add vendors.
b. Then Click the Vendors dropdown box >> Select the vendors they would like to disable the Packing Slip for >> Click on Update.

4. If you follow steps 2-3 again and return to the page shown in the image below you will be able to Manage Packing Slip Layout Settings. Under Manage packing slip layout settings you can manage the packing slip layout by replacing the current data (Current label) with the new data (New label) and hide the columns in the layout by checking the respective checkboxes. Click Show for Manage Packing Slip Layout Setting.

Note: There are a few mandatory fields that cannot be hidden from the packing slip like Deliver to, Product, and Qty, these fields will be greyed out and you will be unable to select them. Apart from the mandatory fields all the other fields can be hidden in the packing slips.

5. To hide a field from a Packing Slip, Select the Tickbox shown under Hide column(s) for the field you wish to keep hidden >> Click Save.


Here is how a packing slip looks when all the fields are visible.

Now, here is how a packing slip looks when we hide a few fields like Purchased from, SKU, Subtotal, Discount, Total Discount, Order fulfilled by.


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