How to set up Stripe to pay your vendors?

Stripe is a payment gateway that allows you to accept credit card payments (in person or online) by transferring money between your merchant account and a payment processor. This is done using a physical credit card terminal or an online processor.

As a marketplace operator, one way of paying your vendors is via Stripe. For you to pay your vendor via Stripe Connect it is important that both you and your vendors have Standard Stripe accounts.


As a Marketplace Operator, you will need to ensure that you have a Standard Stripe account

This guide walks you through the process of connecting your Stripe account to your Marketcube account, to allow us to trigger payments to your vendors' connected Stripe account, on your behalf.

How to set up Stripe:

1)  Log in to your Stripe account and navigate to the Settings.

2) Click on Settings under Connect.

3)  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and under Integration copy the "Live mode client ID" and paste it into your Marketcube account under Payout via Stripe payments.

4) Copy the Redirects link from Step 2 in your Marketcube account under Payout via Stripe payments and Add the Redirect URI into your Stripe account" under Redirects.

5)  Navigate back to the Home screen and Copy the Secret key and paste it into your Stripe settings in Marketcube.

6)  After pasting the Secret key and adding the Redirect URI in Stripe>>Click on the checkbox for Step 2 and Connect. 

Once done, You should see a success banner (green) at top of the screen.

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