How to configure auto fulfill orders?

In this article, you will learn what auto fulfill is and how to set it up for all your orders. 

Auto fulfill is a feature which once enabled will fulfill every order that will come to your store, without any requirement for manually opening the orders and accepting and then fulfilling them. As a Vendor, you have the option to auto fulfill orders. You can manage how you wish to accept incoming orders, manually or automatically.

How to set up auto fulfill for all your orders:

  1. Log into your Marketcue account >> Click on the Settings Icon.
  2. Navigate to Orders >> Click Show >> Click on Auto fulfill orders.

  3. Click the enable auto-fulfill button, the color of the button should change, and appear as a red Disable icon (as shown below).

    Please Note: This functionality will only work on those orders for which the auto-accepted is enabled.

  4. After following these steps, all orders that have been auto accepted enabled will now also be marked as auto fulfilled.

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