How to disable live order syncing?

In this article, we will explain what vendor connect is and how to disable live order syncing/ live connect on Marketcube once it has been set up.

Vendor Live Connect establishes a seamless connection between vendor's online store and marketplace. Once connected, products and orders sync automatically between their stores and marketplace, eliminating the need for manual updates on your or vendors' sides.

How to Disable the Live Order and Inventory Update:

1.  Login into the Vendor's Marketcube account >> Click on the Settings Icon.

2. Navigate to Orders >> Click Show >> Click on Disable live order syncing.

3. Under Disable live order and Inventory update, Click on the red Disable button to disable the live order and inventory syncing.

By default, The live order and inventory update is enabled, in order to disable it, press the disable button (as highlighted below)

Note: Disabling this is not recommended, as disabling will stop the sync of live orders and inventory updates from the operator's account to the vendor's account.

 Once Disabled the Red Disable button will turn into a Green Enable button.

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