How to manage the vendor access?

In this article we will discuss vendor access settings and explain how you can manage these.

In Marketcube, The Marketplace operator can control the access of the vendor's account from his Marketcube account. You can either provide full access to the vendors of their accounts or can provide them read access, or can completely hide the sections like Orders, Payments, or Products from your vendors.

How to Manage vendor access: 

1. Log into your Marketcube account >> Click on the  Settings Icon.

  2. Navigate to  Vendors >> Click on Manage Vendor Access.

3. From Manage Vendor Access you can Manage modules for all vendors with which they can access and interact.

Full access: By default, full access will be provided to the vendors, which means that they can access all the sections and make edits and updates.But as per your choice for one section you can provide full access to the vendors and for others read access only.

Read-Only Access: This allows you to keep your vendors informed about activities in the marketplace, that are related to them, but without them having the ability to update or edit anything.This is useful if you are looking to manage the products and operations on behalf of your vendors, but only want to ensure that they can still see all the orders and payments-related information.

HideIf you wish to completely Hide the sections from your vendors, which means they cannot see any details and will not be able to make any edits and updates then you can hide the sections from the vendors by selecting the Hide option.

4. In order to Manage the access settings on a vendor basis and enable the access settings against each module per vendor click on Advance Manage Vendor Access under Vendors.

Under the  Advance Manage Vendor Access, you can set up access for your specific vendors. For example, For one vendor you can provide Full access to the Products section and Hide the Orders and Payments section.

For another vendor, you can provide Read-only access to the Products section, Full access to the Order section, and Hide the Payment section.

This way you can have complete control over what your vendor can see and access in their Marketcube account.

5. Lastly, Click on  Update to submit your details.

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