How to connect your own domain?

In this article, you will learn how to change your marketplace URL from a generic domain to your own domain.

The domain is another way to describe a web address/URL that a user sees in their browser when they open a web page (e.g. is a domain). When you first install Marketcube, your marketplace's domain is set by default to;  this is the URL you and your vendors will see. You can change that URL to your own domain,, to provide a more bespoke feel to your vendors and fully brand your marketplace experience. 

How to connect your own domain:  

1. First, ensure you own a domain you would like to use for your marketplace. You can buy domains on sites like or Shopify.

2. Then, from your marketplace operator's Dashboard Click on the Settings Icon.

3. Once you're in Settings navigate to Branding >> Click Show >> Click the blue text labelled Branding that will appear once you have clicked show.

4. Click on Configure your Domain and type in the domain you would like to use for your marketplace prefixed by "marketplace," "vendors" or another identifier (ie, or in the Custom Domain textbox field. The domain you type in this section is what your vendors will see.

For example, for my marketplace, I used so every vendor that joins my marketplace will see my custom domain. 

5. The next step is to authorize Marketcube to connect to your domain. To do that, log in to your domain hosting site (i.e. GoDaddy) and go to the DNS management section for your domain.

6. Go to Records.

7. Add a record with type CNAME.

8. Within this newly created record fill in all required fields (as illustrated below) and Click Save

9. Once done, Wait for a few hours to let us enable your store domain.

10, Once enabled we will send you a confirmation email. 

After receiving the confirmation, to test whether your domain has been connected successfully and enabled, simply enter it in your browser and press Enter. You should see your marketplace Log In page or Dashboard if you're already logged in.

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