How to configure discounts for products (Operator Discount)?

        In this article, you will learn what types of discounts can be applied to your products and also, how to configure a discount as an Operator.

        As a part of pricing management, Marketcube offers a discount functionality to the operator. By using this functionality, operators can provide discounts to their end customers.

        A Discount can be added to the products in two ways:

        1. Product-specific discount using the product form: Using this option, the operator can add a discount using the product form (details on how to access the form will be explained below). Once the form is completed the discounted price for the product will reflect on the storefront: Discount ss

        1. Capture-4
        2. Global discount - This is a discount which is applied to all products. This discount can be set in two ways:
          1. As a Standard Discount.
          2. As an Advanced Discount.

        How to configure discounts for products?

        1. Click on the Settings Icon >> Click Show for the Products panel >> Click Discount
        2. There are two standard discount types Flat or Percentage, to change between flat and percentage discounts, click the dropdown box which islocated next to the word flat/percentage. 

        Note: The standard discount figure is a global function so will be set across all products.

        Flat Discount: 


        Percentage Discount:

        1. You also have the ability to apply Advance Discount in the following ways:

          Advance discounts help the operator to set up discounts in a more categorized way.
          This helps the operator to create discounts for some specific vendor or some specific product category. 
          So in this case, if any operator sets up a discount for a specific vendor, then all the products added by that vendor will have a discounted price on the store.

          Rules: Rules set up the priority while applying a discount.
          If a rule is set up as Vendor, then in this case, if there is a discount set up on the basis of a vendor who is setting a category of product which also has a discount, then Vendor-specific rule will get applied.


          Operator- Men's Online Fashion
          Vendor- Ralph Lauren
          Product- Polo T-shirt White 
          Actual Price of the Product-  $100
          Rule- Vendor
          Vendor-Specific Discount added by Operator-  10%

          Category/Product Type Discount- 20%Product price visible on Operator store-  $90

          Operator Discount Setting-

          Price Shown at Store:
        2. price-3

          Let's continue with the settings:

          a. Vendor basis
          ,  you will have the same option to add in a flat rate or a percentage per vendor. A reminder to Set Rules to Vendor will make sure the vendor-specific advance discount is used.
          isb. Product Type basis,  you will have the same option to add in a flat rate or a percentage per product category. A reminder to Set Rules to Product Type will make sure the Category-specific advance discount is used.

        4. Press Update to save the settings.


        5. This setting will have its impact while calculating operators' share at the time of payout as this discount has been provided by the operator to their end customers and not by the vendor.
        Let's take an order for example:
        Order view at Operator End:
        Operator order view
        Order view at Vendor End:
        vendor view dis

        You can see that the vendor order view does not contain information related to the discount but the operator received $90 for this order.

        Let's see how the Payouts are distributed:
        The operator will get the commission by deducting it from the product price and the vendor will get the remaining balance. This discount will be deducted from Operator. So irrespective of the order value ($90) and a commission (10%) the operator will have to pay the vendor's the actual price of the product by deducting his/her commission and not the discount. So in the above scenario, the vendor payout will be $90.

        Key Points to Remember/ Warning:

        • If the operator is updating the product price on his store, then the decreased price will reflect as discount in Marketcube
        • Discount added using Marketcube will reflect as the product price to the end customers
        • Operator Discount and Vendor discounts are different.
        • Operator discount is provided to the end customers
        • Vendor discount is provided by the vendor to the operator

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