How to Auto Publish New Products?

In this article we will discuss what auto publish is and how to set it up.

Auto publish allows operators to automatically publish vendors products on their store. This feature saves a lot of time for the operators especially if the products are added in bulk. Before this feature was introduced, operators had to do a lot of manual product publishing whenever a new product was added because the products would be only visible in the store when the operator had published the product. But with this new feature, operators can select auto approve to publish all the products added by vendors automatically on their store without them having to manually select publish for each product.

How to enable Auto Publish New Products:

1. Log into the Operator Account >> Click on the Setting Icon.

2. Navigate to Products >> Click Show >>  >> Click Products Approval and Reviews.

3.  Select the tick box highlighted in red to enable the auto-publish feature >> Click on Update to save the settings.

Click here to learn more about vendor onboarding.

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