What is the Basic Shipping charge and How to set it up?

In this article, we will run through the Basic Shipping options provided by Marketcube, which is used to pay the vendors for shipping the orders.

When the operator is using Shopify based shipping options like UPS, FedEx, or any other courier services then the charges are also levied as per these services.

As a platform, we do not integrate with these courier services so the shipping charge does not sync in marketcube along with the orders. 

So how do we pay vendors in marketcube when using Shopify based shipping options as mentioned in the case above?

To solve this issue, we have introduced Basic Shipping Functionality which gives the operators the ability to set a shipping price that they can pay to the vendors for shipping the products.

There are three types of Basic Shipping options in marketcube:

1. No shipping charge -  The operator sets the shipping charges himself using Shopify and keeps the entire amount. In this, he pays nothing to the vendors as shipping costs.

For example, if the customer pays $10 for shipping, the operator receives $10, and the vendor/s fulfilling the order receives $0.                     

2. Flat shipping charge -  The operator can charge any amount to his customer using Shopify-based shipping but when the order comes into Marketcube, the Vendor will get a specific amount for shipping which is set up by using this option.

This functionality will flat the amount each vendor receives per order shipped.

For example, if the operator sets this to be $2, then regardless of how much the customers pays for the shipping, each vendor fulfilling the order receives $2 for shipping.

3. Equal shipping charge split - This is also a part of basic shipping functionality. This option can be used in case the operator wants to split the shipping cost equally among the vendors in case of an order which has multiple order line items from different vendors. 
The shipping amount paid by the customer is split equally between vendors.

For example, the customer pays $10 for shipping and buys two products from two different vendors, each vendor receives $5 for shipping and the operator receive $0.

Steps to set up a basic shipping charge:

  • Login as an Operator.
  • Click on the Settings tab.

  • Click on show under the Fulfilments pannel. >> Click on Shipping.

  • This will open the shipping options. The highlighted options below are part of basic shipping functionality.

  • Using the drop-down box, the user can select any of these shipping options to set up an amount they wish to pay their vendors for shipping (as described above in this article).

  • Once the shipping option is selected, click on Submit to save the settings.

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