How to configure UPS?

In this article, we will show you how to configure and enable the UPS settings in Marketcube.

UPS is a 3PL shipping provider and its rates are set up by the operator. So the rates updated by the operator on UPS will only flow in Marketcube. 

How to configure UPS:

1. Log in as an Operator >> Click on the Settings Icon.


2. Navigate to Shipping and Fulfilments >>  Click Show >> Click Fulfilment

                                                                                                                                             3. UPS is a drop ship model, so the operator needs to select Dropship. By default, Marketcube has enabled dropship.

4. Click on the Dropship Tab to Setup. >> Select the Third-Party Shipping option >> from the dropdown (Highlighted in the screenshot). select UPS. >> Click Save.

5. Add the UPS account details and Click on the Save button to save the fulfillment settings successfully. Operators can find these details in their UPS account.

Details are :

1. Access License Number

2. Account Number

3. Password

4. User Name

Select the check box of Auto Fulfill orderline once the shipping label is generated if you wish the order line items to be fulfilled automatically once the shipping label will be generated. >> Click Save.

6. This setting will ensure when your customer buys a product on your Shopify store, shipping rates that have been set up on UPS will be levied.

Key Points To Remember:

Under vendor address, the country should be written as the United States of America incomplete words.

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