What is Click and Reserve as Fulfilment model in Marketcube?

Marketcube offers a Click and Reserve as a fulfilment model. In this article, we will explain what click and reserve and fulfilment are and demonstrate how to set up click and reserve. 

What is Fulfillment?

In E-Commerce platforms fulfilment refers to how an order is delivered or received by a customer. Marketcube currently offers Dropship, Consignment Ship, Consignment Pick-up, Click & Reserve and Click & Collect as fulfilment models. 

What is Click and Reserve?

Click and Reserve is a fulfilment model used to define how an order is received by a customer. Orders adhering to the click and reserve model are collected by the customers from the vendors and the customers pay the vendor upon collection.

How to configure Click & Reserve:

1. Log in as an Operator. >> Click on the Settings Icon >> Navigate to Shipping and Fulfillments >>  Click Show >> Click Fulfilment.

2. Select Click and Reserve. >> Click Save.

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