How orders acceptance work?

In this article we will discuss order acceptance.

Orders are placed on the front-end store of the operator. Once an order is placed it needs to be accepted and fulfilled by the vendor or operator. 

There are many actions related to orders:

1. Accept order
2. Reject Order
3. Fulfill order
4. Edit order line

Orders can be accepted and by both, operators and vendors. They both have an option to auto accept orders and auto fulfill them, this means they will not have to manually follow these steps for all orders that come through.

1. As soon as an order comes, it is shown on the order listing page for both the operator and the corresponding vendor.

2. Click on the order number (example 1045)
3. Click Manage line item to accept a single line item

4. Click on Accept order line. Once you click on it, the order status will start reflecting as accepted. 

    Click here to learn more about Reject order line.

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