How to delete products?

In this article, we will show you how to delete a product.

Just like product addition, product deletion is also a crucial part of any marketplace. 

The marketplace operator/vendor can delete individual products, or delete multiple products at once using a bulk action. Products can permanently be deleted from Marketcube as well as from the Shopify store.

How to Delete a product from Operators account:

1. Log in as an Operator. >> Click on the Products Tab (page).

2. Click on the Manage button for the product you wish to remove. >> Click on Delete

3. If you want to delete multiple products, Select multiple products by clicking on the checkbox and then Click on More actions >> Click Delete Selected.

4. Select from the option provided to delete the product. 

  • You can delete the product from your Marketcube and online store or from your Marketcube account only.
  • Operators can choose to provide the reason for deletion but this is optional. Click on Delete Products.


  • If the operator opts to delete the product from Marketcube and the online store, the product will be deleted from their Marketcube app and Shopify store both.
  • If the operator deletes the products only from Marketcube, they will not be deleted from their store.
  • The products which are deleted by operators will reside in the Deleted Products list as an operator delete is a soft delete which means the vendor can resubmit this product from their list to their Marketcube app anytime.

How to delete Products from the Vendors Marketcube app:

1. Log in as a vendor. >> Click on the Products tab (page) >> Select the product you want to delete >> Click on the Manage button>> Click on Delete.

2. Vendors can provide the reason for deletion (which is optional) and then click on Delete Products.

Key Points to Remember:

  1. Products will be permanently deleted if the vendor deletes them from their Marketplace.
  2. Products deleted by the operator can be resubmitted by the vendor. Got more questions? 
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