How to manage Vendor Access Permission?

In this article we will explain how you can manage vendor access permission.

By default, a vendor has full access on their account however operators can set a vendor's access to be ' read-only'. With 'read-only' access, a vendor can log into their account but cannot perform a create, update or delete action i.e. add or manage products, orders or change any settings. This permission can be revoked or added at any time by the operator after a vendor has been created. This feature is particularly useful when operator is looking to manage an account on behalf of their vendor.
When adding a new vendor, the operator gets an option to update the vendor access. In order to provide read-only access to the vendor, the operator needs to click on the check box 'Allow vendor read only access' while creating a new Vendor.

The operator can manage modules which their vendors can access and interact with, as well as hide the different modules from the vendor. Using the settings provided, the operator can decide if they want to provide full access, read-only access, or hide Product, order, and payment modules from their vendors. 

 How to manage Vendor access:
1. Log into Operator account. >> Click on the Settings Icon.
2. Navigate to Vendors >> Click Show >> Click on Manage vendor access.

3. Using this feature, the operator can add global access setting applicable to all vendors related to product, order and payments.

4. If the vendor's access is limited, they won't be able to perform any activity related to that module.

Advance manage vendor access:
You can set the access type for each vendor and set the vendor against these modules. This feature helps the operator to limit or provide or hide specific vendors' access to use Marketcube.

1. Log into Operator account. >> Click on the  Settings Icon button
2. Navigate to  Vendors >> Click Show >> Click on Advance Manage Vendor Access.
3. Click on Add more >>  Select the vendor from the dropdown.

4.  Enable vendor access setting as per Product, order, and Payment to be either Full Access or Read only access by selecting the dropdown box.

5. Click on Save to update the new settings made.
Key points to remember: This feature limits the vendor access to Marketcube.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
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